What is HAL Holdings’ Activities?

We invest in enterprises producing goods with export strength of Vietnam . Buying and selling corporate shares, mergers and acquisitions, business restructuring, trading products in the ecosystem that we have invested in and cooperated with, looking for new markets for invested businesses and business development cooperation with enterprises.

Supply Chain Situation

With many years of experience in the field of import and export, we realize that the current hard supply chain still has many complicated and expensive stages. Many intermediaries participate in the import and export process, which not only does not create added value for the product, but also increases the cost.
And as a result, consumers pay higher prices for imported goods.
In addition, many businesses face many challenges in understanding potential customers and making decisions about marketing strategies, including packaging, pricing, advertising, promotion and after-sales service to adapt to foreign markets.

The Motivation For HAL Holdings To Be Born

Different from traditional import and export models, HAL Holdings provides consulting services for businesses to directly connect with buyers in foreign markets, thereby optimizing up to 90% of costs.

So through our services, businesses will not need to worry about the product price being 100% or even higher when reaching consumers, and this also helps businesses achieve better competitive advantage in foreign markets.

In addition, the import-export consulting service of HAL Holdings also helps businesses quickly grasp the wishes and behaviors of customers, along with buyer feedback and market information that is updated continuously. We assist you in formulating communication plans, product design and ensuring your business best adapts to foreign markets.

Our Mission is to Support Vietnamese Enterprises to Export Products to Foreign Markets With High Profit Rate

HAL Holdings – Import-Export Service

Learn More About Successful Projects From HAL Holdings Customers

We always put the interests of our customers first and are proud to become a reputable unit providing quality import and export consulting services. To verify this, take a look at the feedbacks of customers who have partnered with HAL Holdings!

Our requirements are immensely challenged for our partners as we are looking for Low Price but High Quality Products. Fortunately, HAL Holdings understood that and offer just what we were looking for. In doing business: Professional is standard, by HAL Holdings we have partner with integrity.

I was amazed when Niel Nguyen told me that he could sell my confectionery products in Vietnam before placing order with OGFC, which he actually did. Through his network and knowledge of the market, he managed to bring OGFC’s flagship products to supermarket chain Circle K in Vietnam.

I’ve lived and worked in Vietnam for almost 10 years. Coming back home, I always wanted to bring the best candies from my factory to Vietnam. Until I’ve met Niel Nguyen from HAL Holdings in a trade show, who has been supporting my factory to start offering Vietnamese sweets lovers the best candies from the Netherlands.

Direct import and export without intermediaries

Different from traditional import and export models, HAL Holdings provides consulting services for businesses to directly connect with buyers in foreign markets, thereby optimizing up to 90% of costs.

The story of the founder of HAL Holdings
15 years ago, founder Hoang Nguyen pursued a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration after completing his program in Vietnam.
Founder Hoang Nguyen After working and accumulating experience in domestic and international companies in Vietnam, Hoang Nguyen decided to set up a small business in Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam.
In the early days, our business operated with a simple model of a trading company – buying products from Vietnam and China and selling them to distributors and agents in Vietnam.
However, with the mindset of “Think Big”, and the spirit of “Dare to think, dare to do”, Hoang Nguyen does not want to limit himself to a safe zone and accepts what is happening.
From deep inside, Hoang Nguyen still wants to bring something new and positive changes to make everyone’s life easier.
Returning to his field, Hoang Nguyen realizes that there are two most important objects in the supply chain: Producers and Consumers. Therefore, Hoang Nguyen wants to develop a solid system that can add value for both parties and at the same time, optimize the entire supply chain to ensure the lowest total cost and highest profit. .