Vietnam Import-Export Consulting Service

Want to know more about the import-export process in Vietnam?

Do you want to seize the opportunity to expand the market to Vietnam or Europe?

Do you want to spend your precious time doing the right things? Instead of doing all the work that you don’t really understand?

Obviously our import/export problem is cleared up, they will show you the steps to export imported products effectively.


Import-Export Consulting Service HAL Holdings Can Help You?

  • Market research: Survey, research the necessary information and knowledge about market trends, consumer behavior and competitors.
  • Develop a business plan: Help your business successfully enter new markets, while cutting unnecessary costs and connecting your business with trusted importers and exporters to promote promote trade.
  • Build an e-commerce store: Both Vietnam and Europe have their own local e-commerce platforms instead of Amazon. Hence our missions can develop your products overseas through opening e-commerce stores and develop your own customer business base through online platform used. widely used in Vietnam and Europe.
  • Legal advice and paperwork: Whether you want to import or export products, you will need professional assistance with the trade rules, processes and procedures involved in the import and export process.

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Why Do Enterprises Have Import-Export Consultants’ Support In The First Place?

Working with an experienced professional can both sound expensive, but all in all, it’s actually a good option to save energy both time and cost for your business. Because you will receive expert recommendations and step-by-step instructions to avoid paying red bills for unnecessary mistakes and a lot of unwanted tricks or problems during the import and export process. These issues can come from regulations, trade rules, industry-specific requirements, etc.

In addition, with specialized knowledge in import and export, experts can help you react quickly to changes in the Vietnamese or European markets that your business will have difficulty or cannot solve. decided because there is no direct relationship with customers in the local market. Finally, an expert will help you work with the right transport (logistics) unit to ensure a smooth supply chain. As a result, your business will reduce costs and increase profits significantly.