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Direct Export

Vietnam is one of the countries that open and actively participate in free trade agreements with many major partners in the world. Vietnam has signed and implemented many free trade agreements, such as ATIGA, AANZFTA, ACFTA, AHKFTA, AIFTA, AJCEP, EVFTA, CPTPP and the latest RCEP. These agreements help Vietnam enjoy many preferential tariffs.

Our partner factories are located in the raw material area with convenient transportation systems, connecting to major regional and international seaports. HAL holdings also has many reputable and professional transport company partners, capable of meeting the requirements of delivery time, cargo safety and competitive cost.

With many years of experience in the export industry, We have built a network of manufacturers with suitable product capabilities for different markets, with a wide range of products in the ecosystem we have invested in and cooperated with.

As a result, we can help foreign businesses import directly to optimize profits for buyers and save more than 50% of time throughout the supply chain.

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Direct Import

To help businesses achieve their goals, the team of import-export consultants at HAL Holdings will connect you with leading reputable manufacturers.

We have exclusive data on our suppliers in the Netherlands, Europe and are committed to meeting all the quality standards you require, while also benefiting from the reputation of European brands.

Please contact us if you are looking for a reputable supplier in the Netherlands, Europe.

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Import-Export Consulting

The enterprise intends to export goods? Or encounter problems in the import-export process that do not know how to solve.

With a wide network of relationships with importers, logistics companies and consultants. Our HAL Holdings team will help you solve all these problems.

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Quality control

Are you looking for a way to ensure that your products meet the required quality? The team of experts in the field of quality control at HAL Holdings will help you control the quality before packing the container.

Not only that, HAL Holdings also helps your business to check the quality of partners before your business buys or sells goods in the Netherlands, as well as in Vietnam.

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Direct Export  – Europe

Direct exporting means that you sell your products directly to overseas customers, without intermediaries, to increase profit margins, save time and better control the market. However, it is almost impossible to export directly without a knowledgeable consultant and a network of target markets. Doing it all yourself will cost you a lot of time and money.

With an extensive network of importers and retail chains in Vietnam, we can assist you in contacting the right buyers without significant investment to expand your international business.

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Learn More About Successful Projects From HAL Holdings Customers

We always put the interests of our customers first and are proud to become a reputable unit providing quality import and export consulting services. To verify this, take a look at the feedbacks of customers who have partnered with HAL Holdings!

Our requirements are immensely challenged for our partners as we are looking for Low Price but High Quality Products. Fortunately, HAL Holdings understood that and offer just what we were looking for. In doing business: Professional is standard, by HAL Holdings we have partner with integrity.

I was amazed when Niel Nguyen told me that he could sell my confectionery products in Vietnam before placing order with OGFC, which he actually did. Through his network and knowledge of the market, he managed to bring OGFC’s flagship products to supermarket chain Circle K in Vietnam.

I’ve lived and worked in Vietnam for almost 10 years. Coming back home, I always wanted to bring the best candies from my factory to Vietnam. Until I’ve met Niel Nguyen from HAL Holdings in a trade show, who has been supporting my factory to start offering Vietnamese sweets lovers the best candies from the Netherlands.

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